Being a Daysleeper

We all have those days when we wake up after a long night, feeling drained from working on the computer until three in the morning and the last thing we want to do in that moment is to get out of bed for the next hundred years.

So we spend a little more time lying down, watching Instagram's leftover Stories from last night, and stare at dozens of photogenic coffee posts with a #goodmorning hashtag.
And the only thoughts we have are that we just want to go back to sleep.

Then there are those mornings that we get up with fire in our eyes and feel that today, is the day! Today we will conquer the world.

In clinical terms, this is called “manic depression”. We call it, real life.

“Daysleeper” is an antithesis of all those bullshit inspirational sentences that tell us how to live a good and healthy life. It goes with a lot of (self) humor and a zest of cynicism.

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